Construction of Linear Codes over Rings Zm Correcting Double ±1 or ±2 Errors


  • Gurgen H. Khachatrian American University of Armenia
  • Hamlet K. Khachatrian Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA



Error correcting codes, Errors with magnitude ±1 and ±2


In this paper a construction of double ±1 and ±2 errors correcting linear optimal and quasi-optimal codes over rings Z5, Z7 and Z9 is presented with the limitation that both errors have the same amplitude in absolute value.


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Khachatrian, G. H., & Khachatrian, H. K. (2021). Construction of Linear Codes over Rings Zm Correcting Double ±1 or ±2 Errors. Mathematical Problems of Computer Science, 49, 66–73.

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