On pre-Hamiltonian Cycles in Balanced Bipartite Digraphs


  • Samvel Kh. Darbinyan Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA


Digraphs, Cycles, Hamiltonian cycle, Bipartite balanced digraph, Pancyclic, Even pancyclic


Let D be a strongly connected balanced bipartite directed graph of order 2a ≥ 10. Let x, y be distinct vertices in D. {x, y} dominates a vertex z if x → z and y → z; in this case, we call the pair {x, y} dominating. In this paper we prove:
If max{d(x), d(y)} ≥ 2a-2 for every dominating pair of vertices {x, y}, then either the underlying graph of D is 2-connected or D contains a cycle of length 2a - 2 or D is isomorphic to one digraph of order ten.


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