Instructions for Authors

The periodical Mathematical Problems of Computer Science publishes theoretical and experimental papers on modern directions of theoretical and applied mathematics, informatics and computer science. The articles presented for the publication in Mathematical Problems of Computer Science should be in English. Current appropriate topics are summarized in the headings of the editorial areas.
Contributions should contain novel and previously unpublished materials, i.e., original results, methods, observations, concepts or applications, as well as new insights into previously reported research.
The title, abstract, introduction, and summary should be sufficiently informative, the paper should be written carefully and thoroughly proofread.

Manuscript Preparation: Typical article structure: title, name(s) of author(s), address /department, university, city, country/ and e-mail, abstract, keywords, introduction, approach, results, discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements, references.
The title should be concise and descriptive. Each paper should include an abstract of not more than 200 words, an informative summary of what is in the article. The abstract should be written without abbreviations, footnotes, references, mathematical equations or tabular materials. Key words and phrases should be given after the abstract, in total from 4 to 7 words or phrases characterizing the paper. Articles should be prepared in LaTex style (see Latex_template.rar).

Submissions: The first version of the article should be submitted in pdf format for review.
Articles in this journal are reviewed by at least two independent reviewers using a single-blind peer-review process, i.e., reviewers know the identity of authors, but authors do not know the identity of reviewers.
To initiate a single-blind peer-review process, the submission is sent to the members of the Editorial Board. If the article meets the formal criteria, it is sent to at least 2 reviewers. In case of great differences or strong contradicting opinions, another reviewer can be included.
Before acceptance, the articles will be screened for plagiarism, i.e., the use of other people’s ideas, processes, results without mentioning the original author and source.
Authors are notified about the status of their submission within approximately eight weeks. If the reviewers require a revision, the authors may decide to submit an improved version followed by the second round of reviews.
After accepting the paper for publication, a full package of files (Latex, pdf, figure) will be required.


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