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  Volume 33

Printed on the basis of decision N 10-03/1 of session of the Scientific Council of IIAP NAS RA dated March 11 2010.

Responsibles for issue XXXIII
E. A. Haroutunian, N. A. Ajabyan, P. M. Hakobyan

  1. H. Nalbandyan (Efficiency of Depth-rRestricted Substitution Rules)
  2. M. Haroutunian and A. Muradyan (Lower Bound of Rate-Reliability-Distortion Function for Generalized Channel With Side Information)
  3. H. Sarukhanyan and R. Barseghyan (New Approach to FFT Algorithms)
  4. S. Darbinyan and I. Karapetyan (A Note on Short Paths in Oriented Graphs)
  5. A. Muradyan (On Computation of Lower Bound of E Capacity for the Channel With Two-Sided State Information)
  6. R. Barseghyan (Efficient Computation of Subset of Output Points of FFT)
  7. P. Petrosyan and A. Shashikyan (On Interval Total Colorings of Doubly Convex Bipartite Graphs)
  8. T. Khotsanyan, V. Sahakyan and I. Safaryan (Statistical Postprocessing of the Output from Numerical Weather Prediction System)
  9. H. Nurijanyan (On the Number of Irreducible Linearised Coverings for Subsets in Finite Fields)
  10. Y. Barseghyan (Automated PAP Algorithm for Interferometric Phase Reconstruction)
  11. T. Khotsanyan (Numerical Weather Prediction Environment for the Territory of Armenia)
  12. E. Haroutunian and P. Hakobyan (Remarks about Reliable Indentification of Probability Distributions of Two Independent Objects)
  13. E. Haroutunian and A. Yessayan (On Reliability Approach to Multiple Hypotheses Testing and Idententification of Probability Distributions of Two Stochastically Coupled Objects)
  14. N. Grigoryan (Error Probability Exponents of Multiple Hypotheses Testing Illustrations)
  15. T. Tonoyan (On the Problem of Wireless Scheduling With Liner Power Levels)
  16. M. Kyuregyan, O. Manukyan and E. Harutyunyan (Linear Cryptanalysis of Block Ciphers in the Cluster Computational Environment)
  17. A. Alexanian, H. Aslanyan and A. Soghoyan (Data Encryption, Authentication and Key Predistribution Schemes for Wireless Sensor Networks)
  18. S. Hovasapyan (Studies of the Matrix Generator Statistical Features)
  19. M. Kyuregyan and O. Manukyan (Construction of Explicit Irreducible Polynomials Over in Cluster Computational Environment)
  20. M. Khalili and D. Asatryan (Effective Digital Image Watermarking in YCbCr Color Space Accompanied by Presenting a Novel Technique Using DWT)
  21. H. Aslanyan (Approximation Algorithm for Wireless Network Interference Minimization)
  22. A. Ranjbar (Estimate for the Arithmetical Cost of an Algebraic Multigrid Preconditioner)
  23. A. Khachaturyan (The Optimal Permissible Placement by the Height of the Transitive Oriented Tree Containing One Vertex of Branching)
  24. Z. Naghashyan and E. Pogossian (Developing Java Software for Representation, Acquisition and Management of Strategy Knowledge)
  25. T. Sargsyan (Developing Game Model for Migration Process of Static Timing Analysis Tools)
  26. А. Антонян и М. Геворкян (Информационные особенности геохимии хрома в присеванском офиолитовом поясе Армении)